Sunday, January 17, 2010

i re ne

recently we were focussing on the royal4

and the enterpride cathedral brought us the thumb ...

irene and her foundation

so we add her to the tabel and table of the knights who say "pi":

173 107 020 Beatrix
171 102 013 Claus (passed 121/071/192)
184 125 049 Willem Alexander
104 046 150 Maxima
204 137 081 Irene

irene ("peace")
dreamspell : solar seed - birth year WIZARD 12 : Enchants Crystal Clearance
& it is in the 9th tone in the WARRIOR WAVE (intelligence force)
longcount : galactic mirror - MONKEY WAVE - Integrity tone
treekweak : electric dragon - STORM WAVE - Service tone

I also have to correct the Numbers at Beatrix spell (bold).
So her 3K changed into RESONANT SUN - attuning enlightenment!

As a "bad habit" we see for the summed values ... (see what it triggers)

Dreamspell sum 836: 3x260=780+076 -> 3CIB11 -> WARRIOR11
Longcount sum 517: 1x260=260+257 -> 1CABAN10 -> EARTH10
Treekweak sum 313: 1x260=260+053 -> 1BEN1 -> SKYWALKER1

More to Calculate as a Numeric Spell?

What emerges from this spell is that the 5 vibrate QuetzalCoatles Number at 053 ... (known as REED ONE)
considering the KWEAK as a Spell on the Edge of Becoming ...

third Tzolkin round at CIB11 promises a SERVING WARRIOr at the Tone of the RAINBOW BRIDGE: Spectral! => 11 => Liberating Essentiality

First Tzolkin round at Longcount and Kweak signifies the DRAGONic Role ... ON.

CABAN10 is the "planetary earth" : navigation manifested

BEN1 is the "magnetic skywalker" : exploring the purpose

Three tones count up to 22 ... Bolon Ik's number merging 9 and 13 and double 11 too.

see for the timestamp oracle in the comments
ciao s'ace

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