Tuesday, January 5, 2010


today is for me the 6th moon and the 18th SOULdaya considering the KWEAK as a spell.
this is while every moon has 3 SOULdaya in its configuration ... (see the banner)

Tomorrow is the 6th GLORYdaya ...

I commented this in the TMQ of the DAY / HAND11:

s'ace - cees de groot (13:48:02) :

toDaya we have SOULdaya 24+3 => 27
in fact it is numbered as in kweak …
this means tomorrow we have – a foUr ZERO celebration day …
it is also the day for the 3 Kings from the East in a famous tradition.

in these times people are longing for their own storyline …

n fact i work in the waternet affairs and pioneared a gathering on “writing our own crisismesh story” autumn 2003 … this was guided by the alphabet we have here. How? well the 1st 3 issues were serendipitous and from the 4th Letter the Theme was titled by D till 26 Z. “They” soon hired me for 7 days a week 24 hours a day till Spring2014.

In fact i sort of am engaged to 3 ladies who work on the KweaK to see for its Health – which is quite thrilling to experience.

The Announcement to make comes from considering “my act here” as having performed 4 whole moons about tomorrow having the 4th GLORYdaya on day 28 in the Kweak; day 25 in DreamSpell/13Moon.

So tomorrow will be my last contribution here – consideing the regular basis …
(maybe now and then a pop-up). “Give Way …” might be the credo.

maybe good to have a look at the Roerich Flag?

here it is …:

3 triangles and a gathering center that fires …

as 9 9 9 1 …


13 => 4 => mystery number in 11235 (PHIBOW) ...
in fact 4 and 3 give 12 (3) and relates to the CLOCK : 2x12=24 hours / day
7777 also breaths 4 were KWEAK pivotes this mode into 9991 (also 4 numbers) which breaths 3 and unity ... as its firing force.
13 Moons a year is the grandmother for kweak ... where a moon is its mother ...
The Father is at hand in 4 Days of Yera Experience and 1 Day of Tiem Experience ... as its Self-Existing Seed and Innocent One. Of course the 1 in 9991 is also a SEED and FIRE celebration ... The 27 other days breed the SEED.

48 is a 4x12 number, also 3x16 ...
the last one matches the 16 cubes and 4x16 runes in 16 years is vibrated.
New to be explored are the 48 Harmoni Curnes of the Second Creation.
See page 216 (9) in The Cosmic History Chronicle * Volume V - CHANNEL 13 Alphabets of the New TimeSpace

02 referes to 2 lovers ... a relationship ... als each friendship ...
SEALwise it is the WINDspirit
TONEwise it refers to the CHALLENGING LUNAR tone that stabilizes through time

All summed we get 63 (7x9) ...
where nine and seven come together in a mixture at HAND
63 counts to 9 and has a bar of 3 => pretty elegant number breathing KWEAK!


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