Friday, May 16, 2014

9991 rehearsoul

Why Kweek ?

Author experience a world in an OxyMoron ..
which had obvious 'rulers' in a systemic kartel ..

just list some candidates (for whom to choose)
* 1984 as bible followers for some certainty / assurance
* accord 440 thrivers diverted from '432' (9)
* accord 441 hitchhikers still on 9 and 7 square
* gregorian XIII attuned ones on sun christmas & eastermoon
* ol' kabbal worseshippers
* patriarchy
* paternalism
* Club of Rome - internal contrarevolutionaries
* Club of Budapest - contro Rome memetics
* BIS associates
* etcetera

Perhaps very sane and trust worthy groups among them !!

But how to pivot from the ol' ?

That was actually prepared by a guy as Jos'e and also Xel and CarlJ and the many pioneers ..

as Stephanie, who i personally met in 2005, Utrecht and Belgium .. (and we shared intimate smiles as good ol' friends from quite a while ago)

then i tele-met TMQ and het weird way of synchronizing ..
and suddenly the Tahirih medal was handed .. in dec 2008
On that .. the ninestar / tahirih
emerged into 9991 
do you know its formation ?

in fact the kernel disappears and pivots in the membrane ..
can you transform that idea?
that is what the exercise is about
and then all people beget their unique act ..

So imagine kweek as an initial thing to grow into the own pattern that still interconnects ..

ma' ture ..

and smile of cry whatever shows the moment ..
from inside out ..
setting free bravely ..

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