Wednesday, May 14, 2014

kweak introduction clips

Hi each one here ..
its been a while to blog here .. but then it is about time
so i say 


( which is pretty planetary inherent ;-)

here i present the first 5 clips refined by MyKeY in her priwate Lab 

NESS / last first


SIR / then the first one love

SUN / the challenger for life
part 2 - HANG on / off

MOON / the service caller
part 3 - what happens within

FA / a first TONE that pounds

in this series we experience the 4+1 new day names
SIR ~~~ SUN ~~~ MOON ~ FA ~~~ NESS

Question whether this makes some sense ..
Exercise when you 'suck' the Thumb ..
is that number ONE or count it as number FIVE ?

realize it is all orienting on the articulations
(... which helps to understand at a receipt)

S' ace

extra realisations without all the much electronics ;-) but more on intuit
enjoy this production by ... another KIN

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