Friday, October 9, 2009


After a pionearing periode blogging here today is the 20th day in moon3 of the Dragon1/Seed4 year ').

This creation - blogspot Kweekspell - may be psi'ed - pulsed / triggered / prepared - by many things where i share 9 :

* this talk by Ken Wilber et all seems to be in line with the mission from maya 1985

* this mysterious however welltimed (!) communication line with a female partner in New Zealand - just at the other side of the planet as a whole : the Blue Magnetic Storm wave which as the Self-Generative Outcome on Wind 4 - Self-Existing

* a good afternoon talk with my buddy Solar Monkey as "Mon Key", Stef in Beemte at an old, devastating farmhouse and the last hour in a GER - a Mongolian Tent <= Good Natural Atmosphere (and try catastrophe as a natural phenomenon that evolves!)

* the home coming in Zwolle where my lover YaniQ lives and cooks and smiles all the time see looks at me ... - it transinterconnects the many as here narrated so russian friendly ... maybe "silentific" having digested that message!

* surely Wim and Roelof co-directors of the Waternet Foundation throw their best coins in my Spell: they give me manymany hours for studying the depth and have my narratives on creations, Chapeau ! And realize EAU is WATER ;-))

* the relation built with Stephen Engelking from England, living in germany so log already and whom i met in Lucknow, India ... He is a trustee at the side of Hugh and Helene Schönfield, you know and ... He trusted me in guiding the Arun Gandhi Tour, which also lead to a wonderfull afternoon in The Hague last Friday, october 2 - his 140 year birthday memorial! Steve took care of the Arun Gandhi site , theme non-violence.

* Jeroen and his game that connected me to the DreamSpell of José Arguelles, Lloydine & Stephanie - the Red Queen "Crystal Clear Planetary Journalist"; and -most of all- hope to get in the learning curve where it concerns us to the whole human factor at charge

* the act of Veronica - Constance & Starr - that gave us - YaniQ and Me - a TahiriH medal ; design from behind the Central Sun => thereby intertransconnective tool with Hunab Ku (!)

* all the serendipitious things that either just happen or express the love of all the "gone" partnears in bringing up "Atlantis" or kundalini experience.


What is the pure pose of Kweekspell?

Simply said it gives all religions and people and cultures a cleansed ground for starting eiter all over again or merging it all in a fusion ... which we label Second Creation or another native pointer ... with the similar intend, integer intend as 1-ness

We count 9 days as unities that measure and matter for, at and to us all - man and woman including children and even the fruit at the trees ... as wombs.

Then each Moon will carry 3 kweeks - where a kweek is a week of 9 days = daya.

Each year has 13 Moons + 1 day ...
and each Moon has 3x9 + 1 extra day : Day of Moon Experience as a commonwealth GloryDaya.

More at this place would overwhelm - just see when to take in more at each station aligned ... felt and sensed noospherically ... (where the biosphere is the plane where all our bodies reside, the noosphere is the plane where all our minds attune electrically)

This all written on - KweekSpellWise - NessDaya

S'ace ~ as bivid biovoiding

') Actually this twin spanning Dreamspell and Kweekspell - this pivoting partnear of Valum Votan simply by prophesy itself Bolon Ik type - bridges 4 kin as a primal whole: in Dreamspell Archetypes Dragon 1-magnetic, Wind 2-Lunar, Night 3-Electric & Seed 4-Self-Existing including many ather verbs as a whole Existing phenomenon, eg. try Self-Generative & Self-Speaking

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